Script Talk


Script Talk is a device that allows a vision impaired/blind person to read the information printed on a pill bottle using a bar code reader device.

Script talk is a free program that is set up by envisions America through cooperation with Neighborhood Pharmacy.

The process for signing up for the program is easy and fast. Simply call Neighborhood Pharmacy to request a device and our delivery driver can come and set up if needed.

You simply glide the Script Talk device across the bar code on the pill bottle and listen to the information about your medication.

The information in the Script Talk includes items such as; name of medicine, prescription number, pharmacy information, medication regiment, dosage of medicine and side effects of the medicine. In other words; all of the information that is included in a brochure given to the customer at the pharmacy pick up window.

Script Talk is a great method for a vision impaired individual who takes several medications to manage his/her medicines.