Diabetes Self-Education Management (DSME) Classes

Our ADCES accredited DSME program consists of 12 hours of interactive group classes and individual sessions. Group class topics include the ADCES 7 self-care behaviors- healthy coping, healthy eating, being active, taking medication, monitoring, reducing risk, and problem solving. Freebies, give-a-ways, and visits from local diabetes experts make the classes fun and relatable. Each patient receives 2 individual sessions to tailor a plan specific to their diabetes goals. The goal is to help our patients form the framework to support informed decision making and create successful behavior change using self-determined goals.

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* Group & individual classes

* LEARN Skills to manage diabetes

* Tailored to your needs

* Guided by evidence-based standards

* Certified diabetic educator & clinical pharmacist-led


* Overcome challenges with your diet

* Meet expectations of physical activity

* Monitor your blood glucose levels accurately

* Reduce risks of complications

* Thrive with diabetes

Who is eligible?

  • Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetics
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Class Topics

Week 1 : Healthy Coping

Week 2 : Healthy Eating

Week 3 : Being Active

Week 4 : Taking Medication

Week 5 : Monitoring

Week 6 : Problem Solving

Week 7 : Reducing Risk


Contact Pharmacist Megan @ 340-718-6784 or email info@npvi.com for more info. Patients will need a referral from their medical provider

Clinical staff: Dr. Megan Russell, Pharm.D, Dr. Kisha Christian, Pharm.D, Desiree James, CDE

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