What's FLAVORx all about?

The FLAVORx story began with one little girl and one huge problem. She needed to take an important medicine to control her seizures, but the drug's terrible taste kept her from getting it down. Her resistance to taking the medicine meant extra trips to the hospital for the family.

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Desperate, the girl's dad and her pharmacist grandfather searched for a solution. At last they discovered if they added the right flavor, the girl took her medicine without a fight. The family realized that they had found a solution for a problem countless families faced, and in 1995 FLAVORx was born.

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Fast-forward a few decades and we're still passionate about medication adherence, but on a much larger scale. Over 45,000 pharmacies around the world are now using the FLAVORx program to make medicine-time easier for kids and parents. With 16 flavor options and flavoring recipes for hundreds of drugs, our pharmacy partners have all the tools they need to make medicine-time easier for kids and parents.

While we may have grown over the years, our core values remain the same: we believe a medicine's taste should never stand between a child and their well-being. That's why we offer a safe, effective way for pharmacies to give their patients the flavor of good health.