Donation Policy


Neighborhood Pharmacy is committed to empowering and protecting vulnerable populations, including women, children, seniors, and people experiencing homelessness.

  • We believe in positively impacting our community through strategic donations to groups that work towards their welfare. However, we do not provide donations to single individuals.

Criteria for Donations:

1. All parties requesting financial or in-kind support from Neighborhood Pharmacy must complete a Donation Request form. The completed form should fully explain the nature of the contribution being sought and include all requested documentation. The Donation Request form is available at Neighborhood Pharmacy’s website; all required documentation should be submitted to Neighborhood Pharmacy following the directions provided below.

  • · The organization must also be a 501(c)(3) or non-profit organization.
  • · Requests should be submitted at least 90 days before the event to give proper time to evaluate the request.
  • · Complete proposals include a description of the organization, its mission, significant accomplishments, and a list of current board members and key staff.
  • · Nonprofit organizations should submit tax-exempt letters from the Internal Revenue Service with their contribution requests.
  • · Complete proposals will be considered monthly by the Sponsorship Committee.
  • · Incomplete proposals or those with deadlines within 30 days of submission may not be considered.

2. Eligible Recipients:

a. Registered Nonprofit Organizations: We primarily provide donations to registered nonprofit organizations that align with our mission to empower and protect underserved women, children, seniors, homeless, and LGBTQ populations. These organizations should have a proven track record of effectively serving these groups by providing outcomes of success.

b. Community Groups and Associations: We may also consider donating to community groups and associations that work towards the welfare and empowerment of the identified populations.


· Neighborhood Pharmacy does not make charitable donations to for-profit organizations. However, for-profit organizations seeking sponsorship may submit requests, which Neighborhood Pharmacy will evaluate on a commercial basis for the advertising and marketing benefit such sponsorships would provide to Neighborhood Pharmacy.

· To accommodate contribution requests, Neighborhood Pharmacy may donate promotional items that the requesting party could use.

· Commercial sponsorship agreements, such as those with a sporting team or cultural event, that are principally intended to promote the Neighborhood Pharmacy brand via association with that team or event are not deemed charitable donations by Neighborhood Pharmacy for this policy. However, relevant authority must be obtained.

c. Alignment with values: Organizations should demonstrate a commitment to fostering equality, promoting education, and improving the well-being of underserved women, children, seniors, homeless, and LGBTQ+ populations.

Note: Where there is a risk of bribery, primarily to charities associated with public officials and their families, appropriate due diligence is conducted before such donations are made.

3. Areas of Focus:

  • Supporting the Underserved:
  • 1. Empowering Women: Donation requests from organizations that support women's empowerment through education, skills training, health services, or legal aid will be given priority.
  • 2. Protecting Children: Donations will be considered for organizations working to protect children's rights, well-being, and education.
  • 3. Supporting Seniors: We encourage donation requests from groups that aid, healthcare, social support, or other services specifically tailored to seniors.
  • 4. Assisting the Homeless: Organizations that actively alleviate homelessness by providing shelter, food, healthcare, job training, or other support services will be considered for donations.
  • 5. Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities: Organizations dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ individuals, advocating for their rights, providing healthcare, mental health support, or community-building initiatives.

Note the following additional criteria:

· The recipient must be a local community organization in the US Virgin Islands.

· Money donated will be spent in the US Virgin Islands.

· Money donated will directly benefit the residents of the US Virgin Islands.

· Money donated will benefit a significant group of people (as opposed to a single person).

· Neighborhood Pharmacy receives recognition for its donations.

4. Evaluation Process:

  • a. Review and approval: Requests for donations should be submitted in writing to Neighborhood Pharmacy's Sponsorship Committee.
  • b. Documentation: Organizations must provide relevant documentation, including their non-profit registration status, mission statement, details of their activities and projects, and outcomes of past success in meeting their mission.
  • c. Evaluation: Each organization will be evaluated based on their alignment with our donation criteria, impact on the community, and financial transparency.
  • d. Donation amount: Neighborhood Pharmacy decides whether to donate. The amount will be determined based on the available budget of Whole Neighborhood Pharmacy and may vary depending on the organization's specific needs.

5. Donation frequency: While we aim to support as many organizations as possible, the frequency of donations will depend on the budgetary constraints and the number of eligible requests received. Each entity for which a donation is provided will not receive a donation over one time per calendar year.

6. Communication: Organizations will be notified of the decision; if approved, appropriate arrangements will be made for the donation at least one month before event.

7. Public recognition: We reserve the right to publicly acknowledge our support for the organizations through various means, including social media, websites, or public events. However, the option for anonymity can be discussed upon request and in a written agreement.

Review and Adaptation:

  • · The donation policy will be reviewed periodically based on feedback, community needs, and organizational priorities. This will ensure that our donations continue to make a meaningful impact and align with our values.
  • · By adhering to this policy, Neighborhood Pharmacy aims to contribute towards building a stronger and more inclusive community.

We appreciate your interest in our donation policy. We appreciate your dedication to making a difference in the community.

If you have questions or want to submit a donation request, please email Donation request forms can be found here.

Thank you for considering Neighborhood Pharmacy as a potential supporter of your organization's important work. Together, let's make a difference in our community!